A Brand Style Guide for Your Business
Design includes Logos, Colors, Fonts, Icons, Website Elements, and a Mood Board
What's Included
4 logo variations including a primary and secondary logo each in a light and dark color.
A 5 color palette including 1 primary color, 2 secondary colors and 2 accent colors.
2 fonts including a header font and a body copy font.
Icons will be Material Symbols icons, as they are a fantastic, free and plentiful icon set used in top websites and apps.
Web Elements
Elements like buttons, inputs, header, footer and a sample Shopify product page to show how the brand can be used on a website.
Mood Board
8 images used to convey the inspiration for the brand aesthetic that other designers can use to create future designs for the business.
The Process
We have an optional video meeting to get to know your business and answer any questions you may have.
We send a questionnaire for you to fill out that helps us prepare a brand design that aligns with your business vision.
We use the questionnaire and our discussion with you to put together the brand style guide for your business.
We deliver the brand style guide to you, allowing you to rapidly transform the look of your business.
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