We’re a team of designers, developers and product managers ready to turn your Shopify vision into a reality
Need to support custom back-office workflows for your products, orders, or anything else on your Shopify store? We can create custom Shopify admin features to save your staff time.
Admin Development
Our team can help you boost your revenue with CRO analysis and development through increasing site speed, improving SEO and enhancing UX. Find out what's causing customer friction and get it fixed.
Conversion Rate Optimization
We can set up a new theme, customize your existing theme code or develop a custom theme from scratch to produce a bespoke online retail experience for your customers.
Theme Development
Our designers specialize in creating Shopify sites with aesthetic UI and converting UX. We also know how to design your vision using existing templates as a starting point, to save valuable time on development.
We start by getting to deeply understand your vision to ensure our proposed solutions help to achieve your business goals. We then plan, estimate and propose a solution.
Next, we turn the solution into visual designs that will guide development. We work to find an existing theme as the starting point, or we design one from scratch if a particularly unique aesthetic is needed.
With a design in-hand, we start developing pages and features incrementally. We're able to code complex custom functionality where needed by utilizing Shopify Liquid and the Shopify API.
Before delivery of the finished store, we run it through extensive QA testing to ensure all pages and features work as expected and across devices.
With a fully-developed, tested store in-hand we help you launch it on Shopify to start receiving payment and orders from customers.
We're able to partner with you as your business grows to add features, monitor performance, offer support and provide anything else your Shopify store may need.
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